A good way to find out who to vote for?

Television debates, a couple of forests worth of marketing billboards, airbushing and gleaming teeth and people telling me they’re just like me (which is funny, as I wouldn’t want to be running a country, but they do, meaning that really, they’re not like me at all)… must be election time.

If, like me, you care about who runs the country and what they stand for, but can’t bring yourself to watch 90 minutes of men arguing or get bogged down in the bewildering world of promises and statistics, then maybe this site can help.


Vote for Policies does what it says on the tin… You can pick a range of issues you feel are important, pick the ones you most agree with and then the site tells you who’s policies you like the most. It also tells you if, for example, you’re Labour on education matters, Liberal on health or Conservative on the economy.

That said, policies don’t always become real, and manifestos are as much marketing as a statement of intent, so to see how your MP has been doing, you can visit They Work For You at www.theyworkforyou.com. You can find your MP with your postcode, and see exactly what they’ve been doing, how and what they vote on, when they turn up and their interests.

In a world of perpetual spin, it can be handy to wipe the smear form the screen and deal with a bit of unbiased information.


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