Ask the Leeds Youth Council

At the Leeds Youth Council we were asked,

What do you feel is the biggest issue for young people in Leeds?

Here is what two of our members said.

‘I see a lack of aspiration as a main issue in my constituency of Leeds, particularly in my local area. Young people are not given enough exciting opportunities leaving them feeling apathetic. If they were told about and supported in attending some of the great things that go on in the city, and if more were created, we would have a much happier, confident and ambitious collection of children and young people!’         
Poppy (16 years old)

‘I personally have concluded from people I have spoken to, that some of the main issues affecting young people’s lives sprout from their school. The magnitude of these problems vary, problems such as social division, bullying and work overload can have dramatic consequences for health, both mentally and physically. By focusing on these problems at the source you can avoid later complications. It does seem like a general problem but the roots spread deep into other areas of a young person’s life and by tackling schools you can tackle all these problems too.’
Al (15 years old)

We want to know what you think. Do you agree with Poppy or Al?

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