Helping and supporting our Associates is a really important part of what we do. Our Associates are people who care about work with young people and the values of good youth work.

We have many Associates who are trained and paid youth workers in other organizations, who value the extra support and information that we can provide.

Often, they are volunteers in youth work projects or they are concerned residents who want support in launching new voluntary youth work programmes, just like Rachael Hattersley (our 1,000th Associate), pictured here.


We try to support our Associates by providing information and advice, offering a free CRB checking service, providing training, making accreditation of youth work available and promoting our Associates’ own youth work through this website and our other publications.

Associates have told us that they would welcome the chance to create new local forums where they could meet with other youth workers and talk about the issues they face and good youth work practice, and we are going to help to bring such forums together.

If you want to take advantage of the support we provide and get involved, just fill out the online form. So far, over 1,300 Associates have already discovered that It’s free to join and easy to do.