Boxing clever

Young people in Kirklees with personal experience of long-term unemployment have been giving up their time to help local employers understand some of the serious barriers faced by some young people in getting and keeping a job, and what employers can do to help. Our ‘Outside the Box’ project, supported by the iWill Fund and … Continue reading Boxing clever

Street Safe Leeds

Our detached team in Leeds have responded to local young people’s concerns about knife crime and the choices some of them are making to carry knives, by taking innovative ‘street safe’ workshops out onto the streets. Over the last year, anti-social behaviour (ASB) and knife crime statistics have risen in Leeds, with 10 gun and … Continue reading Street Safe Leeds

Top of the class

This week we welcomed the ‘class’ of 2018-19 to TYA, when Huddersfield University students Sherry, Celina and Cameron joined us at the start of their placements with us for the coming year.  We only take on the best and all 3 will be planning and delivering quality youth work sessions throughout West and South Yorkshire, supported … Continue reading Top of the class

Board not bored

After months of preparation by Talent Match Ambassadors, the Youth Board interview day finally arrived. On Monday 10th of September, 8 young people came to the Leeds Marriott Hotel to participate in a 3-part interview designed by the Talent Match Ambassadors. The afternoon began with 3 Ambassadors facilitating a group interview; the 8 applicants answered … Continue reading Board not bored

Fun in the sun

Young adults from Fusion Housing joined a group from Proper Job Theatre Company this week, to take part in an outdoor team challenge held at Oakwell Hall Country Park in Birstall . After solving some challenging problems, the group built an impressive shelter and tested their culinary skills, cooking outdoors in a ‘one pot challenge’. … Continue reading Fun in the sun

New recruits

Our new recruits joined the Talent Match Ambassador team yesterday for a very important session. Everyone offered a warm welcome to Sophie Hughes and Mark Freeman who joined us from the Kirklees area. Along with our existing Talent Match Ambassadors, Mark and Sophie started the process of creating a ‘Youth Board’ to help manage young … Continue reading New recruits