My Friend Ava – Mental Health and Drug Awareness Campaign Short Film

Young people put their creativity to the test by writing, starring, and directing in their very own short films! Over the past 6 months young people from Coop Grange Academy have been creating their own awareness raising performance piece as part of their StreetVoice sessions. The group chose an issue they were passionate about and … Continue reading My Friend Ava – Mental Health and Drug Awareness Campaign Short Film

Consequences- Knife Crime Awarness Short Film Campaign

Our StreetVoice group have created a knife crime short film created from real stories from the streets of Great Horton! Over the past few months, we have been working with a group of Eastern European young people to find out what issues impact them and what they are most passionate about. The young people came … Continue reading Consequences- Knife Crime Awarness Short Film Campaign

Street Voice

Our Street Voice Project in Great Horton is off to a great start, with many young people already sharing their thoughts and feelings to get their voice heard. The programme develops multiple street forums for young people to voice issues of local concern, influence local decision making and deliver small-scale social action initiatives.  During consultation young … Continue reading Street Voice


The Youth Association’s LGBTQ+ online project (aka the ‘UNITED UNICORNS’) has been doing some fantastic work in recent months! The group was born during the previous lockdown, when young people were out on the streets, speaking to youth workers around the impact of Covid-19, education, and day-to-day life. LGBTQ+ young people’s experience in education was … Continue reading UNITED UNICORNS

Great ‘Ho Ho’ Horton

On Thursday the 17th December, The Youth Association got together with local adults and young people to distribute 1500 meals to families in Great Horton. The event was a great success providing 70 food parcels containing over 1500 meals of food to young people and families in the Bradford area.   Great Horton is a … Continue reading Great ‘Ho Ho’ Horton

Watch this ‘Green’ Space!

Our group of community ambassadors in Bradford are passionate about having the ‘Black Mountain’ area as safe recreational place that they can use for activities, but also a space that the community can use and feel proud of. Black Mountain is a green space in Great Horton, Bradford, which has been neglected – dogs foul … Continue reading Watch this ‘Green’ Space!

Our Healthy Holidays Project has won an Award!

We are happy to announce that our Healthy Holidays Project in Bradford has won an award in the Staying Healthy and Creative category for the Room for Young People Awards 2020! Over summer, youth workers have provided 109 food parcels with 975 meals worth of food to young people and families in Great Horton, Bradford. … Continue reading Our Healthy Holidays Project has won an Award!

Post-lockdown Update

Over lock down our teams have been adapting sessions to be able to work remotely with online content. We have had a number of different projects running, including positive masculinity work, Tell Me, Healthy Holidays, Kendray Street Dance Crew and Leeds Pears. Our Youth Workers support young people to be Community Ambassadors where they live. In … Continue reading Post-lockdown Update