Future Man

Exploring the concept of ‘masculinity in the 2020s’

Our Positive Masculinity programme allows young men to explore the concept of ‘masculinity in the 2020s’ and address its wide array of interpretations. The project aims to tackle toxic masculinity and its negative impacts on young men across Yorkshire. 


The positive masculinity programme supports young men to analyse some of the more difficult topics, which are rarely addressed through the education system, in a safe space where open dialogue is encouraged. Topics include pornography, misogyny, men’s mental health, body image and coping with stress. On top of this, young men take part in skills development activities, such as CPR training, cooking and outdoor activities. 


Each year, the programme is made available to Wakefield College, allowing its male students access to male youth workers, who are positive role models at a time when young men are facing growing pressures.  

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