New Issue of 5-2-13 Mag OUT NOW!

What We Like
Making up the pages to show what we like

The Crew is a programme that creates opportunities for children and young between the ages of 5 and 13 to have a say on what is important to them. One of the ways we do this is through the 5.2.13 magazine.

This term brings the release of edition 19 of the 5.2.13 magazine with contributions from the children of Holy Rosary and St Ann’s Primary School, Kids United Play Group, children we met at the Breeze on Tour events and Crew members who attended.

Playday and Unity Day as young reporters,

You have the Right training, delivered by the Children’s Rights Alliance for England,

Crew Draws the Line sessions to discuss what rights children have and who is responsible for making sure they get their rights.

Mag Crew, the group that edits the magazine.

What We Don't Like
Working on the look of the pages for the magazine

As the edit team, Mag Crew decided what articles should go in to the magazine and where in the magazine they should go. They also wrote articles for the magazine and worked with the designer to make sure every page was attractive and interesting to read.

If you would like a copy of the magazine or to find out more about how children can be involved in the Crew please contact Helen Wood at

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