Expectations of watching a debate at the Civic Hall regarding the Budget.

On Monday, I met with Cllr Barry Anderson, regarding my work experience in his office at the end of March. He then told me about a debate regarding bugeting across Leeds and an oppotunity for the Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors to defend the cuts and explain the reasoning behind the need to budget.

I am going to attend this debate on Wednesday and I am expecting a lot of arguing between all the parties. I know they all want the best for Leeds, they just all have different ideas on how to do it.
I expect well balanced and thought out arguments on each side, and an eventual ‘winner’ in the debate. I am also expecting to hear things I’ve heard before in the news, in the media and soundbites said by politicians often enough I could recite them word for word!
I’m excited and nervous at the same time because I’ve never attended a debate before, and it’s a completely different surrounding to what I’m used to. I expect people to be polite and friendly to me and I expect a well-rounded debate that covers relevant and important things that their constituents need to hear.

I will update the blog on how it went from notes that I will make at the debate.

Mercedes, LYC Treasurer and Young Advisor

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