It’s an arty party

Our Talent Match Ambassadors are well underway with their input into a collaborative art project involving the University of Leeds.

A group of art students are conducting a community-based action research project which gathers together the experiences of those involved with youth employability services. The project will explore different ways in which to design and present an archive/installation that represents youth unemployment in Leeds.

Here at TYA, our training room has become a hub of creativity; although the subject is a serious one, the workshops have generated a lot of laughter and noise as the group have experimented with sound through physical objects and human sources.

So what will it look like? For now, no one knows.  It’s work in progress, but what we do know is that at some point during the last two weeks in May there will be an unveiling of the installation to which our ambassadors will be invited.

The art installation will be one of several legacy activities that will lead up to the completion of the Talent Match programme in June.

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Published by

Andy Clow

CEO of The Youth Association