Leeds set for August bus service changes

Metro warns of service changes from 29 August. What do you think of the changes?

How will this affect you getting to school, college or work?

Will this stop you from seeing your friends or getting to a youth club or sports club?

A number of commercial bus services operated by First in Leeds are set to change at the August bank holiday weekend.

Some of the changes have come about after First lost control of a number of routes in the city to rival operator Centrebus of Huddersfield. The operator was recently criticised by some passengers for raising the prices of some of its bus passes.

Metro is today reminding bus passengers that some services operated by First in Leeds will change around the weekend of 29 August.

The changes include…

Monday to Friday, the frequent service on Overground routes 1 and 4 will start later in the morning. Service 1 will also no longer run to Cottingley, evenings and Sundays. Service 55 will instead run to Cottingley, hourly, on the same route as the daytime service. Wesley Street will no longer be served. Early morning, late evening and Sunday journeys on service 51 will now all run via the M621.

Service 90, between Leeds and Seacroft, will be renumbered as service 11. The section of route between Leeds and Greengates will be run by Centrebus during the day and by First evenings and Sundays.

Centrebus will also take over service 92 from Monday 20 September, but there will be no service between Monday 30 August and then.

Services 18 and 18A will run hourly after 8pm, as service 18A; there will be no service via Silk Mill Way. The Sunday service will start at 0930 rather than 0730, and some other early morning journeys are withdrawn. The late-night Thursday to Saturday journeys on service 56 are withdrawn. Evenings and Sundays, service 28 is reduced to hourly; there will be no service to Clarence Dock after 1930.

Services 85 and 87 will now only run to Thorpe, East Ardsley, White Rose Centre and Morley at off-peak times.

Services 98, 99 and X98 have a revised route in Wetherby, omitting Forth Avenue, Hallfield Lane and Sandbeck Way. Some peak journeys will be withdrawn.

Services 965 and 968 are reduced from every 20 minutes to every 30 minutes, as service 965.

The Monday to Saturday daytime frequency on service X84 is reduced from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes.

Service 96 is renumbered 6, and there are timetable changes to services 16, 16A, 74, 74A and 95.

Service X64 between Leeds and York is withdrawn.

MetroCards, West Yorkshire DayRover, English National Concessionary Scheme passes and the £5 MetroDay ticket are all valid on both First and Centrebus services.

The new £5 MetroDay ticket, which replaced the Adult Bus-only DayRover, is valid for travel for the whole day on almost every bus in West Yorkshire and can be bought on the bus as no PhotoCard is needed.

Other services in West Yorkshire will also change, and passengers are advised to pick up a copy of Changing Times and new timetables at Leeds Bus Station, Leeds Rail Station, First’s Travel Shop in the Corn Exchange or download them from www.wymetro.com.

Sourced from http://www.guardian.co.uk/leeds/2010/aug/18/leeds-bus-service-changes-august

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