Ever since our founding in 1904, it has been the Association’s mission
to grow Yorkshire’s future.

We do this by helping young people in Yorkshire to:

Build their self-confidence and feel proud of themselves.

Identify their goals and aspirations and make progress in achieving them.

Start a business, get a job or get on a course.

Meet new people, make new friends and have new experiences.

Our aims are always to:

Deliver high quality services that young people say matter to them.

Be experimental and innovative in the way we do things.

Help young people to be heard and to be the decision-makers in services that affect them.

Help young people to take the lead in running our Association and to be our trustees.

Form partnerships and alliances with other organizations that share our mission and outlook.

Stick to our long-standing principles and values about how our work should be done.

Develop and preserve the craft of youth work by training new generations of youth workers.

Listen to young people and trust them, be there when they need us and never judge them.