Model behaviour

Last week, Community Ambassadors from the newly-formed girls’ project in Killingbeck visited Leeds City College’s ‘Media Make-up’ department. The young women had previously shared their love of make up with youth workers which sparked the new girls’ project. All the young women aspire to go to college when leaving school, some of whom would like to go into the makeup industry. As none had attended college before, it was seen as a great opportunity, and here they got to see and use top of the range facilities, speak to course tutors and be models for existing adult students.

As a result of the visit, it has been agreed that existing Media Make-up students will attend the Killingbeck Community Ambassador sessions and teach the young women some make-up skills – something the young women are keen to share with the wider community.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still do what you want” Olivia Small, aged 14.

The Community Ambassadors Programme is delivered with the support of our partners Clarion Futures



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