My day at takeover day

Shelbie and Jo discuss The Youth Association's strategy

Hi there. My name is Shelbie Lacy i have had a great day at Takeover Day with  Jo .

My day with Jo has been amazing. I got to go behind the scenes and get to know what Jo does . I found out what all the people do in The Youth Association.

What we did today:

I went to an important meeting with Jo and I got to meet all the other young people that came to The Youth Association.

Jo and I went on a tour of the building and got to meet all the people that work here.

How I got involved:

I got involved by some youth workers, James and Khalil, that come round my area.

What they do :

James and Khalil get us involved with games and getting us off of streets  and making sure were ok. They are there if we need someone to talk to, if we have a problem, if we’re hurt or someone has done something you want to get them out of, or if they’re doing something that you’re worried about.

What’s going on with the rest of the day ?:

We are going to a meeting a very big meting with all the people in The Youth Association.

What else were going to do?

Well, we went though a really important application so that we can get money for activities to do with young people .

My day has been great and I would like to do this experience again. I would love to work with Jo again and look forward to next time

by Shelbie Lacy

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