Question Time @ Parklands Girls School

Parklands Girl School pupils were keen to register their opinions and participate in our Youth Vote today. Conservative candidate; councillor Barry Anderson joined us on the bus and received questions from a number of sixth form pupils. Topics covered during the one and a half hour ‘Question Time’ included education, immigration, aspiration building, benefits, drugs and … Continue reading Question Time @ Parklands Girls School

Candidates take notice

Since its launch on Monday, interest is growing in our Youth Vote initiative and 5,000 ballot papers have been taken out to young people in West and South Yorkshire.  It’s not just young people who are keen to get involved in the Youth Vote, because several local candidates in the parliamentary elections have contacted us … Continue reading Candidates take notice

Expanding the participation team

We are excited to announce that we have just recruited 2 new Project Workers, Peter Broderick and Hannah Jones.  Competition for the post was very high, with over 100 people submitting an application.  Candidates were interviewed over 2 days, spending 1 of those days with a recruitment panel of young people.  Thanks to all those … Continue reading Expanding the participation team

Meeting with a councillor.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010: Leeds Youth Council members – Aiden, Jade and Tom – meet with Councillor Richard Brett, Leader (Alternate) of Leeds City Council. The young people are currently undertaking a programme of work in partnership with Leeds City Council’s Equality Team and have been examining the issue of Equality and Diversity in relation to … Continue reading Meeting with a councillor.

Participation is… Part 1

There has been a lot said in the media about children’s participation and student voice. As an advocate for children’s voice and a participation practitioner I thought i’d say what was on my mind and give you a few suggestions about how to make participation work and, more importantly, work well! Lets get something straight … Continue reading Participation is… Part 1