Newsday Tuesday

Winter is com– I mean; Friday is coming! Which means it’s Newsday Tuesday time.

Usually I’d do these in a video format but I’m tight for time this week guys; sad face.

It’s only a brief one today, just going to give you a quick update about the Young Inspectors project and where we’re at.

Dmitry has just left the building to deliver a Young Upstarts session so be expecting a another (slightly belated) Newsday Tuesday story tomorrow as to how that went.

tuesdayIf you’re unsure what our Young Inspectors programme then do not fear, I’ll be updating this little bit of text here ASAP with an explanation, so check back in with us very soon; maybe when you come back to read our Young Upstarts update? *hint hint*

With the most recent training now complete and we have welcomed three new young inspectors to the group. This week Young People begin the first of our planned inspections by doing some background research as well as getting out there and doing a whole bunch of mystery shopping secret agent style. Also this Saturday the Young Inspectors will be doing an observation session where they listen to a group discussion involving Young People to find out what other people think about inspected services being offered. Don’t be worried thinking you’ve missed your chance to get involved, we’re always interested to hear from Young People who would like to join our fabulous team. All the planning for the next inspections is ongoing and we’re hoping to finalise all our plans for the next round of inspections very soon to give you chance to get involved in February!


That’s all from me for now, ciao for now!

Danke Schon!


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