“Hi, I’m Stephen. I’ve suffered with a lot of mental health, including split personalities, depression and anxiety, PTSD and self-harm, and I’ve lost countless jobs because I couldn’t handle the stress or the amount of pressure that was put on me growing up. I tried to commit suicide a lot in my past, but in 2017 I overdosed and ended up in a hospital because of my actions.

It’s at that point I stopped doing drugs and self-harming and went back into therapy and atteneded the Talent Match events and Youth Association activites and meetings, which helped. I also got a job with a football club which is 16 hours a week which isn’t that much pressure on me, but I love my job and the people I work with are like family now after a year of being there.”

“I’ve come a long way with the help of Talent Match and TYA. I’ve come out a stronger person and more confident and been able to stand in front of 100 plus people in conferences and speak about what we have done and help set up and run celebration events, and if I’d have been told that when I started I’d have thought you was joking. But they have pushed me to come out my shell and be someone better in life and I will always be grateful to Ann, Sam, Gill and Jody and Meranda for helping me so much since I started. :)”

“I never thought it would end like this.” Stephen T.