Against all odds

Aaron is always trying desperately to improve his current situation and prospects; he has had a troubled past that he wants to leave behind. It sometimes seems like the world is against him as circumstances have often put him into a vicious cycle which he is unable to get out of and in the main its through no fault of his own.

Unfortunately, these circumstances have on a few occasions left Aaron homeless and sometimes sleeping rough.

Aaron has worked with us to build skills that will enable him to be resilient, make better life choices and be successful at gaining and maintaining employment.  We have worked with him on long-term independent living, managing his money, healthy eating and cooking on a budget. He engages fully with every chance we offer him and is grateful for all the support he has. Aaron volunteers his time to the Ambassador team giving valuable input into discussions concerning services for other young people.

Aaron has recently secured an administration apprenticeship at Prospects with a likelihood of a permanent position at the end of it. He has a room organised by Centre Point and is looking forward to being able to have a permanent home. We will continue to support Aaron during his journey and he is testimony to what can be achieved by shear determination and a bit of good youth work.