Paul’s special note of thanks to TYA

I started the Young Upstarts course a bit later than others, but with the provided help of both Andy and Dmitry I progressed and was successful. It helped me in quite a few ways, mainly the fact that it made me realise my potential, it showed me that it is possible to start a business as a youth and be successful. They showed me what was necessary for starting up. Although I had already done quite a bit of the course before in college it helped regain my knowledge of what I had previously learned.

Paul receiving his OCN certificate from local business owner Catherine Yaffe
Paul receiving his OCN certificate from local business owner Catherine Yaffe


I am very proud of getting this achievement because it shows that it is possible for anyone to start up, you just have to want to put in the effort and be consistent. But with the help of The Youth Association quite a few things are possible. Even though I moved away, The Youth Association didn’t give up. They still provided me with necessary information and help even though I lived further away. The Youth Association has made me realise my true potential and what I really can get. Because of this I am now looking at going to University to do a Teaching degree because like Andy and Dmitry said to us quite a few times “Anything is possible if you put the work into it”.

If I hadn’t got involved with The Youth Association, I probably would still be sat at home, looking for a job that I just couldn’t be bothered to do and would probably not even think about what I want out of my life, but after seeing what I can do, everything changed. That’s all thanks to The Youth Association, but most of all Andy and Dmitry!

Paul Earle


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