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This week The Youth Association has launched Schooltools, our great range of services for schools.  Building on years of experience of providing mobile support and workshops in schools, we have now brought all of our most popular services together under one brand name and offered them to all of the secondary schools in our region.

Schooltools has 5 different service options that all aim to solve problems that schools find it difficult to tackle without extra help and expertise.

  • Out-School/In-School is an intensive programme of workshops for students who are at risk of exclusion.  This accredited course is a mix of small group work and individual tuition and happens on our mobile units within the school grounds.
  • Involved is a range of options for schools to create and sustain first-rate school councils that help improve the school community and let students have a real say in how their school is run.
  • Sex-ploration is a sex and relationship education course with three levels of learning and a wide range of topic choices.  Our staff create an up-to-date, credible and relaxed learning environment for students to explore these important issues, without feeling the awkwardness of talking to teachers.
  • Get On! is our 5-star rated mobile Connexions service that we have delivered across West Yorkshire since 2002.
  • Zero Zone is our national award winning anti-bullying programme that makes a long-term impact on bullying in secondary and primary schools.

Throughout the coming weeks, we will be contacting all of the schools in our region to explain the advantages that Schooltools can bring to their school community.  To find out more, just contact our Schooltools team or visit the Schooltools pages on our website.

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Andy Clow

CEO of The Youth Association