Sports in Portobello

We delivered a sports programme in Portobello in June 2010. We covered football, cricket and rounders before culminating the programme with a 5 a side football tournament. The programme was a lot of fun and the 15 young people who took part loved it. The highlight being the 5 a side tournament at the end. The young people who took part were a huge credit to themselves and their community. They performed with real drive, focus and determination. They were model examples to any onlookers! They appreciated us doing the programme greatly and wanted us to do it every week! It was a pleasure to deliver and something I am proud I was involved in! Portobello has a bad reputation, I am here to say give them a chance, believe in them, encourage them and they will amaze you!! They’re a great bunch who need all our help to realise their full potential! I’m a big believer in the saying, it takes a whole community to raise a child! They are not children of course, they’re young adults but they need our help and support to become all they can be!                                            

 Mark Broadhead

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