Street Teams off to a flying start !!


Wow. What a start to working with young people in this area. Myself and Dan (the man that can-and frequently does) have now moved on from Normanton station and into our new area, working in partnership with the lovely and very helpful team at South Kirby.

Our first night saw us talk to over 50 young people collectively by branching off with two sets of police and obtaining 50 contact details in order to establish groups and do some positive detached youth work in this area. In addition to this I was also able to meet 2 lovely adults who are very positive about youth work and both CRB checked, keen to support with any activities. They have numerous project idea’s but had “hit a brick wall” in getting some help in getting things up and running. They felt that the police van loaded with cops and I was a real positive thing drawing up outside their house and spent ages excitedly discussing activities that were cost effective and would benefit the local community. Admittedly some of their ideas were better than my own and it will be excellent if the couple, Uth and the police can get some of them off the ground in the coming weeks as there stood 15 youthful volunteers outside their house, “just wanting summat to do.”


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