Rose Bache – Takeover Day 2010

Today was my first experience of the Youth Association, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I started off arriving at the office in Chapeltown and having a brief tour of the building and all of those in it. Afterwards, I went to the head office in Wakefield and had another tour there. Next, … Continue reading Rose Bache – Takeover Day 2010

Charlotte Hall – Take Over day.

Take Over day was great I really enjoyed it and Gemma and Sarah were really helpful! My favourite bit was when i was on my own doing the craft stuff and sorting out the games. The dairy room was amazing because it was really private and you could just sit there and talk for ages! … Continue reading Charlotte Hall – Take Over day.

Takeover Day

Takeover Day is when young people come in and shadow a person in a business like The Youth Association. I shadowed the chief exec Andy Clow; we had a meeting with the other people doing takeover day and Maggie the chair of the board (boss) was there to, in the meeting we talked about the priorities of the Uth … Continue reading Takeover Day

What did I let myself in for?!?!?

Well, today has been an interesting one (but when are they not). I’ve spent a day at the HQ of the Youth Association. I know, why would I do that? But it’s been great kinda, I distracted everyone and got in the way a bit. I ate some food, pushed buttons and wrote about stuff. 🙂 We … Continue reading What did I let myself in for?!?!?