TM Ambassadors leg it to London

Our reps Toni and Amber were beyond excited at the opportunity to go to London and represent Leeds City Region. It was Amber’s first visit to the capital and the pair’s first unaccompanied job as Ambassadors.

They headed down to London’s Princes Trust base to represent us at a National Talent Match event which involved 16 different partnerships from across the country.

The day gave young people the opportunity to identify, discuss and rank the key themes that were identified in November last year, they were also involved in a discussion around local legacy and how themes and ideas could be put into action.

The young people who attended were asked to express an interest in future involvement at a national level and all the young people said they were interested and asked for more information about what that commitment would mean to them.

Well done Toni and Amber on a great job. And for finding your way back to God’s own County!

Toni and Amber

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Andy Clow

CEO of The Youth Association