Tom leads the way

TYA is set to get a new Trustee on its Board and he will be one of the youngest charity trustees in the country.  Tom Gatehouse has been participating in youth work sessions with TYA for over 4 years and sees joining our Board of Trustees as a great way to take his involvement with us to the next level.  As Tom is 18 (and that’s the minimum age that the Charity Commission will allow anyone to register as a trustee) he will be one of the very few teenagers in Britain to have taken on the responsibilities of helping to govern a charity.

Tom lives in Leeds and his work with TYA has seen him serve as the Chair of the highly influential Leeds Youth Council, as well as a very active member of TYA’s own Young Advisor Panel.  Currently working in schools to develop a career in student support and education, as part of his trusteeship, Tom will take on the key tasks of developing TYA’s membership offer to young people and helping to coordinate young people’s involvement in our campaigns and fundraising. 

Tom’s experience with TYA  is a fantastic example of the way that good youth work can help young people to develop new skills and grow their confidence to take on the most challenging of tasks and roles.  Meeting with TYA Chief Executive Andy Clow yesterday, Tom said ‘I’m really up for this!  I can’t wait to get started in my new role’.  A keen writer, Tom has also said that he is looking to start a regular column or blog spot on our website, so look out for that in the near future.

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Andy Clow

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2 thoughts on “Tom leads the way

  1. Tom I’m so proud to hear this! You truly deserve this role and i can not wait to see the work you do with the amazing TYA. Good luck with what ever is in store for you! Go Tom:D

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