Volunteers are the lifeblood of youth work and always have been.  All of The Youth Association’s staff began their youth work careers as volunteers in voluntary organisations.  We know many highly skilled and talented voluntary youth workers who have never wanted a career in youth work, but just do it for the love of it and the difference it makes to young people’s lives.  It’s also one of the most satisfying things you can do with your time.

Since 1904, we’ve helped countless numbers of people to learn the craft of youth work as volunteers and to go on to start youth work projects in their communities or to become paid workers.  We have helped many volunteers to achieve professional qualifications through accredited training.  If you’re up for it, we can help you too.

Maybe you have a unique or specialist skill that you think could really benefit our work?  We don’t only want youth work volunteers; if you have any talent that you want to share (from photocopying to photography, from pottery to poetry) we can help you to use your skill and feel great about yourself in the process.

If you have the odd hour to spare or if you’re looking to make a longterm career change and you’ve been thinking about doing some volunteering, take the plunge and tell us about it.

Click here to register your interest in volunteering with us.