Watch this ‘Green’ Space!

Our group of community ambassadors in Bradford are passionate about having the ‘Black Mountain’ area as safe recreational place that they can use for activities, but also a space that the community can use and feel proud of.

Black Mountain is a green space in Great Horton, Bradford, which has been neglected – dogs foul it and fly tipping is commonplace. In Februrary, young people helped to create sustainable goal posts, made from Willow, which could be used for playing football. Plans were made to lay paths; however these plans were stopped in their tracks due to the National Lockdown and the new tier structures around Covid-19.

‘We used to play football in black mountain for a bit, but the grass is too long now, so now we can’t’ (Luke, 14)

This has not stopped our ambassadors, who are in the midst of creating the materials needed for an awareness-raising animation. They will be supported by animators Cosmic Monocle, who will train and support them to create the animation, as well as our youth workers and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. This animation will get capture the voices of the community and the ambassadors intend to use their animation to secure further funding to improve the green space.

The ideas for the green space include using natural resources and sensory stimulation which involves planting wild flowers and herbs to create a community space where families can come together. The intention will also be to help reduce tensions, as young people will have somewhere to go instead of playing on the streets, where they risk damaging cars.



Yorkshire Wildlife Trust  delivered a community event where a litter pick took place, members of the community and other agencies came to help, as well as share their thoughts on the space.

The sessions are now continuing online in the run up to Christmas under the new lock-down restrictions!

would love for the green space to be used for the kids around here to play in again, but with all the fly tipping kids find it safer playing in the streets’ – community member (Lucy, Withins Close)

With thanks to Yorkshire Housing, Clarion Futures, Leeds Community Foundation, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust and The National Lottery for your support

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