What did I let myself in for?!?!?

Well, today has been an interesting one (but when are they not). I’ve spent a day at the HQ of the Youth Association. I know, why would I do that? But it’s been great kinda, I distracted everyone and got in the way a bit. I ate some food, pushed buttons and wrote about stuff. 🙂

We interviewed and talked about what should change, what we’d like and how it should happen. I came up with a new topic and questions for the Uth Tube web-cam/diary room on the mobile bus unit, but mostly twittered about vampires…

I arrived bright and early (it rained and was too cold) at the office for my big day to bully work with some adults, got in the car, with the very late, Kirsty and drove alllll the way to Wakefield. Here, I met the team who I’d be “working with” today. I got lumbered with the mental bunch lovely, wonderful crew who drive around on the bus pretending to be working.

I got to interview Jo along with Gabe and Shelbie. Twas good. The staff are ever so nice here (they made me say that)! Then wrote this blog.

It’s been insane nice working with a different group of adults and seeing how operations happen here. I’ve learnt a lot and am happy to say that I did this day (they didn’t make me say that, that was me)

I’d do it again and probably will, even if they don’t want me to because it’s been fun.

Enjoy the day 🙂 Ingi

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