Wrapping up the film project in Worsbrough

The Worsbrough detached team have been hard at work and are now finally at the end of the filming project in their area. The focus of the film was directly upon the issue of drugs and alcohol, in particular the experiences and opinions of young people surrounding the subject.

We have been really impressed with the honesty and maturity of the young people we have interviewed and so would like to say a big thank you to them for taking part not only the young people from Worsbrough but to those who contributed from Dearne, Mapplewell and Monk Bretton also.

One aspect and opinion that really stood out and was consistent across the board was that although young people get a lot of negative attention in relation to alcohol, for many it is fun! The young people of Worsbrough attain that they are only doing the same as other adults. They were also in agreement that drinking on the streets was more dangerous. However they did want to express that the media image of young people drinking to cause trouble was not the actual case. Most young people tend to drink on parks, in wooded areas or wasteland, not only to have the privacy they crave with their friends but also to avoid causing trouble to residents, shopkeepers etc. This shows that they want to avoid unwanted attention from the police.

We look forward to seeing the end product sorry about my shaky hands!


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