Barnsley Detached

On the streets in Barnsley.

Our detached youth work teams across Barnsley offer opportunities for young people to achieve their ambitions through fun, inspirational, challenging and developmental youth work. Street-based training, outdoor education and social action projects are among many methods we adopt to support young people in places like Kendray, Worsborough, Hoyle Mill and Royston.


The long-term aim of our work in the area is to establish a growing culture of ambition, learning and attainment among young people, underpinned by increased activity levels and improved physical health. The work is aimed at the most marginalised and disengaged 13-19-year-olds and is delivered on street corners, in parks, outside shops and other areas frequented by groups.

The project offers programmes of activity as a vehicle to help young people improve access to learning, develop their life skills and keep inter-generational tensions at low levels. Where there are issues of anti-social behaviour, youth violence, crime or drugs, youth workers deliver ‘StreetSafe’ workshops – high-impact sessions, engaging young people vulnerable to involvement in crime and violence. 



Watch our film here to find out more about detached work.