Dobre Girls

Empowering young Roma women

‘Dobre Girls’ is a developmental project that improves the confidence, aspirations and prospects of a highly-vulnerable client group. The work is entirely focused on reducing barriers for young Roma women, enabling them to grow their ambitions in a safe space.


Female youth workers deliver a programme of challenging and progressive activity, covering a variety of areas, and not only those traditionally, or stereotypically, associated with female roles.
– Speaking with confidence
– Developing self-awareness
– Meeting female role models
– Learning valuable life skills
– Creative arts

The Roma are among the most socially and materially deprived groups in Europe, having suffered centuries of systematic discrimination in their home countries. De-facto apartheid in parts of the continent, to this day, means that the Roma are highly marginalised; in many cases excluded from mainstream education, employment rights and housing. While having been settled in the UK for some years now, the community still carries these scars and have a widely-recognised distrust of the establishment, including authorities, services.