Wakefield Detached

On the streets in ‘Rural’ Wakefield.

TYA has teamed up with Hall Green Community Association to deliver a multi-year
youth engagement project. The project involves detached youth work and the
development of grass-roots community initiatives, run by local people. In addition to this, we have established a street forum for young people to have their say and influence any decisions/developments made around the youth offer.


Our wider aim in Hall Green is to empower young people to effect social change
in their neighbourhood. Detached youth workers help groups of marginalised young people to find their voice, meet others and improve their relationships with local services, such as the police. This project connects with young people socializing in local outdoor spaces and encourages them to collaborate with other groups, promoting social mixing. The project helps young people to identify their aspirations and facilitates the process of moving towards these.

Watch our film here to find out more about detached work.