Getting into the ‘green scene’

Young people and families have been busy keeping their local communities clean and enhancing the green spaces within the Great Horton area of Bradford.

A group of young people and their families from Withins Close have already made improvements to their local community by picking up litter and making sure that the area is fit for purpose. They have been busy acquiring stones to make steppingstones to create a path that is accessible to everyone.



Another group of young people in Bradford from Beldon Road have identified some of the environmental needs within their communities, such as the green electrical boxes around the Great Horton area that look ‘scruffy.’ They have decided as part of a social action project, with the aim of improving their communities, that they could decorate them.

Their aim of their project is to show people how much they care about their community and how it looks, and they believe this is going to be a great way to improve it. So far, this project has been successful, and it has also encouraged young people to have meaningful conversations about road safety and friends. They have also had many exciting ideas for future social action projects.

“There have been loads of people coming together to help clean up our community and it is already looking so much better! We have had a lot of fun on this project and we are going to carry on and make more changes.” – Harley, Aged 11

Both groups within the Bradford community have showed a great appreciation towards their local areas and they have already taken positive steps to improve their communities and there is much more to come!

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