Rounding Off A Great 2019 With Kendray

It has been brilliant to see the young people in Kendray throwing themselves into a range of different activities over the past few months, building their team work, leadership and communication skill.

Our team has been out with the young people in all weather; braving the cold, building tents in the park and in the run-up to Christmas, the young people amazed us all by creating their own Christmas tree in the park.

We even went ‘old-skool’, bringing back Kerby and teaching the young people how to play conkers. This allowed us to have some important discussions about fireworks and their risks with the run up to bonfire night.

Some great meaningful discussions have taken place, which explored all sorts, including drugs, role models, and young people’s relationships with the police. This resulted in young people and youth workers negotiating sessions involving the local PSCOs and sports.


The young people had a successful trip out of Kendray to visit Newmillerdam, in which the young people cooked their tea out in the woods!

“This is fun, it’s good to get out of Kendray, better than same old thing sitting on the park, can we do more stuff like this?” (Tommy, aged 13)

Youth workers have been impressed to see the young people take the lead, with one young person, Jack, running a football activity showing strong leaderships skills. After weeks of teambuilding, they are improving their communication in tasks, inviting the younger lads to play a game of football.

“The lads displayed great teamwork and communication skills to pull it off” (Mikk, Youth Worker)

The excitement will carry on after Christmas with a dance project starting in 2020!

Massive thank to Barnsley Central Area Team for their support

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