How has The Youth Association helped me?

DomSince meeting the staff at The Youth Association (TYA) back in 2010 I have been involved in several projects. From the Choose Youth Rally to volunteering in Barnsley TYA has certainly developed me as a person, increasing and boosting my confidence and helping me get involved actively in various projects.

Back in September 2010 when I was 14 years old and in year 10 at school I was asked if I want to take part in a program called the Leeds Youth Council (LYC) which then was run by the TYA. I turned up to a meeting and was hooked, I met some amazing people there who I still talk to now. In 2011 I stood for the position of Chair of the Website and Communications working group whose aim it was to design the LYC website and promote the LYC further afield. This also got me a seat on the Executive board, which meant I helped plan and lead activities in the main Saturday meetings. This was a strange thing for me but this did boost my confidence. I applied to go the Choose Youth Rally in London in October 2011 which was amazing, I meet my local MP (Hillary Benn MP) and other MP’s from around Leeds and Yorkshire.


TYA has developed my confidence to a level which I believe it wouldn’t have if I had not taken part in their projects. From the Breeze on Tour events in 2011 and volunteering all of which I put on my CV which helped me go onto a higher level course at college; Working with Children and Young People, which is a career I am interested in working in thanks to TYA. I hope that TYA will help other young people like me to develop themselves as young people and I hope to work with TYA again soon!



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