Lana’s take over day on the 12th November 2010

Today I went to Wakefield with Kirsty and Rose and we learnt about what Kirsty as the manger got up to during the day.

At first i thought all I was going to be doing is sitting around and doing nothing for the whole day but I actually got to be involved.  I right enjoyed it because it felt different as it’s not what i usually do in my normal hours.

We had a meeting over there about the priorities and what they should be doing as an organisation and we got to ask them and give them ideas on what to do. We also got to tell them if we thought they were doing good youth work or not, and if not how they can improve next time

Notes on Children's disabilities

We then came back up to Leeds and had another meeting about children and their learning difficulties. I enjoyed that meeting because it was nice to talk about other people and how we think they can change and basically it was just really nice to walk in some one else’s shoes for the day and not just mine and others around at the time. 🙂

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