Leeds Youth Jazz Rock Orchestra


The Leeds Youth Jazz Rock Orchestra (LYJRO) received a grant from a funding called LS£ash (Youth Opportunity Fund) which was coordinated by The Youth Association. This grant has meant the band have had the money to record their second CD. The money was put towards studio time and the production of the CD’s. At gig/concerts the band sell CD’s to help raise fund for their Africa project-more about this project can be found on the LYJRO website.
Some of the money from the grant is also going towards funding the bands next trip to South Africa in 2014, giving the band members a once in a life time opportunity. It’s very sad to hear that the funding no longer exists, although LYJRO do a lot of fun raising themselves the grant really help with this, helping to motivate and support their ongoing project.

To hear the recording and to read more about LYJRO please follow this link; http://www.lyjro.org.uk/

By Victoria Chen (LYJRO)

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