In June Leeds City Council was informed by the Department for Education that the “ring fence” was removed from the Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF), in addition to this the Youth Capital Fund (YCF) was reduced by 50%.

Over the past 3 months, members of the LS£ash panel have been in a range meetings regarding the future of the LS£ash fund with the Head of IYSS, Leeds City Council Finance and local councillors.

Due to their hard work and determination the young people’s panel has ensured that money was spent on youth projects who had been approved by the panel previous to the announcement about the cuts; benefitting many young people in Leeds. They showed great tenacity and determination towards young people receiving a fair deal when it came to the in-year cuts. It wasn’t an easy job but they should be highly commended for their professionalism and commitment to their role. Well done!

I am very pleased and impressed by the way that LS£ash panel has understood and debated the difficult position in which Leeds City Council found itself due to the unprecedented nature of cuts imposed by the Department for Education.  I am also appreciative of the way in which LS£ash Panel influenced and thereby increased the amount of funding for YOF purposes.

John Paxton

Unfortunately the LS£ash Fund has come to an end and won’t be receiving any new applications. We would like to celebrate what has been a fantastic scheme for young people and say thank you to all of the young people who have been LSCash panel members over the last few years. The decisions you made will have a lasting legacy in Leeds.

The availability and use of YCF and YOF in Leeds has been fantastic.  I am extremely grateful to LS£ash Panel and to the many hundreds of young people who have submitted applications and delivered schemes.  I am very sad indeed that this is all coming to an end and regret the implications for all the worthwhile schemes which cannot be taken forward.

John Paxton

Gemma Williams

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