Where I started…

In summer 2020 I was asked to take part in the Tell Me project. I didn’t really know anyone, it was during Covid 19 so my confidence just felt like it was getting worse as we couldn’t meet.

I remember the first time we all met in Newmillerdam; my heart was beating fast, I was looking at everyone, so many new faces, thoughts running through my head saying you can’t do this, everyone going to judge you, no one’s going to like you . I remember the youth workers separating me from my best friend, I remember being in a mood thinking I can’t go in a group not knowing anyone, but I did it and it shows u can challenge yourself, don’t allow thoughts to ruin you and your progress. By end of this programme my confidence had grown  – I had managed to mix groups and come to sessions on my own. I wouldn’t have done this at start of the programme.


The SELPH programme led me to get a job promotion which I never believed I could get, as I never believed I could ❤️.

I was then asked to do SELPH after I finished Tell Me in summer 2021. I was thinking “I won’t do it”, as I thought my life was falling apart at this point again. I didn’t want to do anything as college wouldn’t accept me, they told me my anxiety would fail me if I did a course. It was like no one believed in me, I was ready to give up but then I decided let’s not give up, give Selph a go you never know till ya try so we’ll be getting on to Selph.

I managed to get on to a Prince’s Trust course, also for 16-25 year olds. Anyway, once I got on to Selph I enjoyed it, it gave me so much confidence and support to grow in life. This is the programme that taught me how to deal with things in the right way and there’s always a solution, it helped me with my anxiety, I wouldn’t have grown in confidence without the staff and other people on the programme.

The SELPH programme led me to get a job promotion which I never believed I could get, as I never believed I could ❤️. Selph gave me the confidence to do presentations, which, if you asked me before, I would of never done. I’ll never forget the day when Emily, Jody, Eddie came to watch me on my Prince’s Trust ‘end of course’ speech; when these guys came to watch, it made my day, as it showed people do care. It showed to them that the SELPH programme is worth it for young people, it also gave me the confidence to do presentations as a group with Selph❤️.

This is my journey so far. I may not be the most confident person ever and I still have my ups and downs but SELPH has taught me how to deal with it properly and to open up about the problems I have ❤️