Hi my name is Morgan Drummond and I am 19 years old. Before I joined the Tell Me programme, I was going through a lot and emotionally I was all over the place. I had no confidence and I would not talk to anyone but my mum about my stuff.

When I was going through all this I had this bubble around me. I would sometimes go into this bubble because I did not know how others would react to me. My low confidence has been caused by a medical condition I have, which is called asymmetrical pectus carinatum deformity (chest wall).

My medical condition caused me to be isolated; I was attending the hospital every six months and I had to wear a chest brace for 23 hours a day. I have had many operations which have had a lifelong impact on me.

When I got asked to go on the Tell Me programme I started to talk to other young people on the programme I had never met before. I felt like I could tell them anything and I knew that they would keep it to themselves. Taking part in activities such as cooking and bowling made me come out of my comfort zone and helped my confidence to grow.

I would advise other young people to give the Tell Me programme a go, because you find out it helps with things you are going through and there might be people on the programme that are going through what you are going through. It is amazing and you will meet new friends.