FE students across our region are struggling with work readiness. Traditional employability programmes in schools and colleges focus heavily on CV building and interview skills.

However, the ‘BESTest’ psychometric assessment is, time and time again, demonstrating that deficits in initiative, resilience and workplace behaviours are particularly holding young people back from progress into employment.

Challenging the notion that opportunities are secured at the interview table

In response, we launched an exciting and innovative scheme aimed at broadening young people’s perspectives of what it really takes to enter the world of adulthood. Sellme has been encouraging students at Wakefield College to explore how their everyday life choices paint a picture of themselves to the world. It has challenged the notion that employment and other opportunities are secured at the interview table; instead examining a complicated mixture of factors that impress people.


Sellme has, to-date, helped over 150 students at Wakefield College increase their employability prospects. Student self-assessments showed that every participant made improvements across multiple employability areas. An ability to ‘pitch’ and verbally express oneself was the standout area of personal growth.

I felt very proud of myself when I was talking to other students in the class and using my new pitch. It helped me build my body language and confidence to get a job in future.

Vicky, aged 17