Participation is… Part 3

This is the third of 5 tips or suggestions on how to make children and young people’s participation work. Check out part 1 and part 2  for more details.

1. It is not a wish list

2. Always give feedback


Saying, we invited some young people to our board meeting but no-one wanted to come, is not good enough. Very few adults enjoy going to large meetings that go on for hours, why would a child or young person want to? There are hundreds of ways you can involve children in decision making, don’t try to make them fit into your ‘adult1 structures. Meet the group/ child in a place they feel comfortable at a time that is good for them, make it fun, play games, discuss in small groups, break it down into 15 minute activites, use big pictures, have breaks … and the list goes on.

You never know, you might find you enjoy it so much you can transfer some of the activities to your more adult meetings.

Enjoy, Helen.

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