Rose Bache – Takeover Day 2010

Today was my first experience of the Youth Association, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.

I started off arriving at the office in Chapeltown and having a brief tour of the building and all of those in it. Afterwards, I went to the head office in Wakefield and had another tour there. Next, I was given the brief of what I was going to be participating in today and we went to sit in a meeting with Kirsty and Jo about finances, hearing how Kirsty has applied for a grant over 3 years from a charity who gives money to other charities in need of donations. This one in particular gives money for non-statuary extras eg. youth programs, mobile teams etc.

After that meeting, we went down to the board room and had another meeting with the Chief Exec Andy and some other team members. It wasn’t just me and them though, there were 7 other kids as well. We didn’t just sit in on the meeting, we split into 2 teams and shared our ideas on priority and quality.

After the meeting, we came back to Chapeltown and had another meeting with a lady called Barbara from Leeds City Council.  We discussed issues such as exclusion and how children and families with disabilities can cope and how life is different for them. Over all I have really enjoyed my time here and I learned lots of things about how other people have a different life to what im used to.
By Rose Bache, 13 years old.

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