Snow wonder!

MB_SkiersAs part of our detached youth work programme in Monk Bretton, 8 local young people have learned to Ski.  The darker winter nights mean that fewer young people are socializing outdoors, so with the support of TYA workers, young people in Monk Bretton decided to take on an activity that was challenging and appropriate for this time of year. 

After being fully involved in the planning and preparation of the programme, the group took part in weekly lessons at SnoZone in Castleford throughout November, December and January.  The programme followed on from last winter’s activities when TYA took the young people to Xscape to do sledging, and this year the group decided that they wanted to take this a stage further.

Despite some young people not being very confident at the outset, all progressed and achieved level 6 standard and now they are able to parallel ski, link turns and move on the snow with ease and control.  Joe, one of the group said, ‘I’m now able to do something that I never thought I could do’.  Alice added, ‘This project really got us off the local street and into activities we wanted to do’.

The group are going to save up and continue going to Xscape in their leisure time.  In the future, they are planning to go to the Alps to take on some real ‘downhills’.  Hannah summed up the feelings of the group when she said, ‘I learned that if I put my mind to it I can do anything’.

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Andy Clow

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