Where parents, schools & services have little reach…

We’re really pleased to be launching StreetSafe 2020 – a high-impact scheme we designed to be delivered on the streets of Leeds, which engages young people in street safety workshops. 

Given the youth violence manifesting around our communities, we see a need for engagement to be pitched at street level, offering a different type of wrap-around service for groups vulnerable to crime. In over a century of experience we know that such interventions are more effective when they are based on trusting relationships with appropriate adults and include opportunities for challenging and developmental activities.


StreetSafe aims to change attitudes to violence among groups of young people offer them opportunities and aspirations that reduce their potential for involvement in violence. As part of our offer, we’re also pledging to train 50 young people in CPR – providing a different perspective on street safety skills.The project will be rolled-out in Richmond Hill, Leeds between January and April 2020, where youth workers will be on the streets approximately 3 nights per week. 


StreetSafe provides wrap-around support for young people in a setting where parents, schools and most other services have little reach, i.e. at street level. The project work will therefore be delivered in those spaces, at those times and will mainly be aimed at disengaged 13-20-year-olds.


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