Teenagers takeover!

Is the world at risk as teenagers takeover parliament?

This is a question Abigail Pollard asked in a report she wrote for her school journalistic writing lesson. I thought it was a good question to ask and wondered what you thought.

Would the world be at risk if teenagers took over?

What would you do if you were Prime Minister?

If you were an advisor to the PM what would you tell him?


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2 thoughts on “Teenagers takeover!

  1. the world would not be at risk if teenagers took over because we know more than adults give us credit for,if i was prime minister i would lower prices so you would get more money, then raise the prices slightly every few years so we wouldn’t be in a crisis anymore. if i was a advisor to the prime minister i would tell him to stop been greedy with all the money, share it out equally among the services, stop raising the prices of things like fuel,food e.t.c. and help the poor as well as the rich, help people get off the streets and actually make a differences to peoples lives.

  2. sometimes the ‘simple’ answers are the best ones, and sometimes it’s young people that have those answers.

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