Top dog! Joe’s starting!

Self-starter Joe is good to go

Joe Davies (aged 16) is set to be the first of our Young Upstarts to launch his new business with TYA’s support.  Joe, from Ackworth near Wakefield, has worked with dogs and trained them since he was a nipper, and now he’s about to turn his dog training talents into what he hopes will be a successful new business.  Joe’s new venture will offer training to all kinds of working dogs and he will also train puppies and offer them for sale to those who want a trained working dog and are able to provide them with a good home.  Part of Joe’s business plan is to provide training to the owners too, so that they know how to command their dogs to work with them as a partner.

Joe’s early start-up has been made possible by the offer of investment from a private investor from Oxford who has seen the potential of Joe’s idea and wants to help young people like him to turn their ideas into life-changing new businesses.  The same investor has invested in another Young Upstart and we will be making an announcement about that business shortly.

When Joe, (who is also a talented footballer who has just broken into the Frickley Town first team), heard the news about the investment in his idea he said, ‘I’m so grateful for the chance to give this a go.  I just can’t wait to get started now!’

Joe has already taken a booking for his first customer and he will be out networking and looking for new clients this weekend.  We all wish him the best of luck.

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  1. congratulations joe it was a great idea and your a great person , i hope u go far which i have no doubt u will. i enjoyed working with you and i know where to come if i ever need a working dog gemma x

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