Youth Vote: The Results!

Results are in from the Youth Association poll of young people across West & South Yorkshire. They show Labour on 24% and BNP on 23%. The results in full are:

24% Labour
23% BNP
23% Lib Dem
12% None of the above
10% Conservative
8% Green

Young people were asked for the top issue they think politicians should deal with:

1 – 28% More things to do over the summer from providers of youth services
2 – 28% More support to build confidence and get experience when we leave school
3 – 15% Improve the environment, get young people involved & pay us for our time
4 – 13% More and better street lighting to keep us safe
5 – 9% To improve our health provide more local sports facilities
6 – 7% Get everyone working together to save and raise extra money

Hundreds of young people from across West and South Yorkshire have had their say in a Youth Vote of young people’s opinions on politics and key policy issue. In contrast to the national poll which took place on Thursday, young people voted narrowly to support the Labour Party with the BNP polling strongly just behind Labour. The Liberal Democrats also received 23% of the vote.

Comments from young people who took part include:

  • Siobhan from Leeds, “We need more help with costs to study.”
  • Khurram from Halifax, “People who stand for election don’t keep their words once being elected to stand up for the community.”
  • Nosheen from Wakefield, “In Wakefield there isn’t any job opportunities whatsoever! People who have been looking for jobs should be put first. This should be sorted out. Myself, I’ve been looking for a job for 2 years and I haven’t got anywhere. It’s a big issue!”
  • Charlotte from Barnsley, “I think the BNP should come in as there are not enough jobs for young people.”
  • Chloe from Leeds represented the views of lots who had their say on policy but didn’t vote in the Youth Vote for a political party, “I don’t really understand about the parties.”
  • Azka from Leeds, “I think the main problem the Government needs to sort out is saving money because this is a big problem in the UK today.”

Jo Coles

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